Wednesday, April 20, 2011

First Blog...

Saudi Arabia.....

When we hear about Saudi Arabia the first thing that comes to mind are three things "Extremist", "Untolerant" and Ofcourse "Oily".

Lets begin with a course of history shall we?

Saudi Arabia was born in 1932 following a "unification" made by King Abulaziz Al-saud that ousted the Hashmite family which in turn ousted the Ottomon Empire rule on Hejaz (Makkah  , Medina) by the help of Lawrence (of Arabia) a British Officer which leads to the question of why did the British then help Abdulaziz Oust the Hashmite too while they were busy fighting FOR the british in WWI ??

Saudi Society is unlike any other society in the world mainly because it is trying so hard to. Excepting new forms for technology for instance was difficult mainly because the overall law here of  "Anything that is a guide way to sin is in itself a sin thus it should be banned" TV, Mobile Phones, Internet And many more were firmly apposed by the Religious Elite but was proved too difficult to ban them.

Unbeknownst to them that the hype they produce about the "Possible ways of sin brought by new tech" is serving as guides to actually commit those sins eventually
Ex: During in what I like to call the bluetooth ear of Saudi society there was extensive distribution of Pornographic videos after a Cleric highlighted that it could be used in this manner exposing thousands of children to Porn in effect.

But that era is long gone replaced now by the "Who's here?" era which is a clear evolution of use of technology to commit said "sins"

Moving to more serious matters the "Holy Fight" Undertaken by the saudi religious police in Separating men from women  in almost all forms of life has created a serious fault in the basic saudi man character which is fascination of anything that is woman and ultimately forming them as a mere object.
Which is why men usually after few months of marriage go back to their previous lives of spending the night out with friends and ignoring her since he clearly was surprised by the fact that women actually can do things such as "speaking" and "eating".

Not to go far away I remember the first time I went abroad i was having a hard time adjusting myself to the situation of actual women around me and not glare at the in a way that is "funny" untill only a month later 20 years of separation from half of the society lost its effect.

I like to compare KSA (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) to Medieval societies in alot fo way mainly the papal "Acquisition" where they would burn anyone who disagreed in their opinion than that of the Pope. only difference here is that you get called "Elmani" meaning Secular and that you are secretly plotting for the destruction of Islam .

A more in depth look on Saudi Arabia will be available on a daily to weekly basis regarding history, women's rights, traditions and many key elements deeply hendering growth in Saudi Arabia.

PS: I am a Saudi national and will be giving these Blogs in occurdance to my own beliefs and Opinions.